Whitecourt dating updating software on verizon phone

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he has so much to say and she wont listen to a thing.

now he has to do eveything on his own and it hurts him everyday.

I still love him so much and I have a feeling I always will.

I broke down when I found out he is getting married. I just found out that the love of my life and my soul mate is getting married in a couple weeks.

this song reminds me of my grandpa he died when i was 8 i first heard this song and realized i never said good bye one day i went over there and i was going to kiss him good bye before i left but i couldn't because he was sick he had lung cancer and now my grand getting to be like 80 and i never got to meet my grand parents on my dads side so when my grandma dies I'll have no grand parents Craig from Houston; TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL!!! Knowing that you tried and did everything you could is worth it! That song has so many meanings and is by far one of the most touching songs.

But he came back several months later apologizing about it.

=[ We never got together, but I didnt really love him that much, he's just a good friend now.

Moral of my story; Don't EVER take anything for granted and say EVERYTHING you need to say from the bottom of your heart. We used to date when we were 17 but we were both so young and naive and I broke his heart twice...

I broke down when I found out he is getting married.

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