Video of minorities dating with discrimination

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Upon receiving a report, the RO will follow the procedures described in the Discrimination Grievance Procedures. South Great Falls, MT 59401 406-771-5123 Fax: 406-268-3709 [email protected] State University - Northern Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator Student Union Building, Room 207300 West 11th Street Post Office Box 7751Havre, Montana 59501 Tel: (406) 265-4113 Fax: (406) 265-3785 Email: [email protected]: SUB Room 207 Guidance concerning means and methods of reporting, criminal reporting, confidentiality and anonymous reporting are found in the Discrimination Grievance Procedures.This Policy applies to the following MSU Campuses: MSU Bozeman (including MSU Extension, Agricultural Experiment Stations, and Gallatin College) MSU Billings (including City College) MSU Northern Great Falls College MSU For the purpose of this policy, the term “University” means all campuses listed. The RO can take proactive steps to prevent harassment from continuing and perhaps escalating and to protect or otherwise assist the person harassed.State and federal laws and regulations prohibit certain kinds of discrimination in employment and in educational services. For example, in the case of a student experiencing harassment, the University can arrange for no-contact orders, counseling and changes in class schedules, living arrangements, class requirements, and testing schedules as needed.Harassment does not have to be based on intent to harm, be directed at a specific target, or involve repeated incidents.Sex-based harassment includes sexual harassment, which is further defined below, and non-sexual harassment based on stereotypical notions of what is female/feminine v. 200.20 Retaliation Prohibited Retaliation against an individual who takes any action in support of this policy as defined in Section 229.00 below is prohibited.

Employees who are hired by the University to work under a license or statutory privilege under Montana law that provides for confidentiality are not required to repot but may be required to provide de-identified statistics annually. 200.10 Disability Discrimination The University is committed to eliminating disability-based discrimination against persons with disabilities and making reasonable accommodation for any known disability that interferes with an applicant's ability to compete in a selection process, an employee's ability to perform the essential functions of a job, a student's ability to meet the essential requirements of an academic program, or a person's ability to benefit from a University service or participate in a University sponsored or hosted activity or event. Acts of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and retaliation will be addressed consistent with this policy.In determining whether harassment creates a hostile environment, the harassment will be considered not only from the perspective of the individual who feels harassed, but also from the perspective of a reasonable person in a similar situation.Also, the following factors will be considered: While sexual assault and other sexual misconduct is often considered a subset of “sexual harassment,” for purposes of this policy and the consequences that may result from violating this policy, the terms are distinct To the extent applicable as provided in Sections 200.30 and 200.50 above, allegations of dating violence, regardless of whether they are based on discrimination, shall be addressed and considered in accordance with this Policy and the Discrimination Grievance Procedure.

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