Silkroad messgae server is updating

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Horses can't take as much goods as camels, but thats ok still in this point.

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When you see a higher thief, don't kill him, just run as fast as you can!

Set Extra Points to Rebirth Number * 5 The maximum number of rebirths is currently limited to 150 that means you can get up to 750 extra stat points, that makes a total of 1122 stat points for you to distribute.

u Points are put together for the whole account, that means if you achieve 200 u Points with character 1 and 300 with character 2 of your account, you will have 500 u Points in total.

A: Unfortunately not, i wanted to do this but its not possible to determine who is in party with the one who kills the Unique, sorry. We discovered a way that enables the Players of Silkroad Europe to experience Silkroad in a new and fresh look!

The Enhanced Grafics Mod makes Silkroad look at least 3 years younger by adding these Direct X 9 features: Hint: Use the Pause key (besides Scroll Lock) to turn the effects On/Off. ] To deinstall the enhanced grafics mod simply remove all files with the prefix "dark D3" and the file "d3d9.dll" from your Silkroad Europe Folder.

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