Naughty role play chat rooms strangers

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I hope that you will find this reality-based story even more erotic than one which is totally based on fantasy.

I have been told by some that the story is too "cerebral" for most people to be able to enjoy it as erotica.

In the center of the room a massage table with a well padded, brown leather top rested in a pool of light.One group that is now asserting its right to exist is the maledom-femsub community. Our main character, Howard Cole, is a professional male dominant for women.As everyone in the BDSM community knows, this is highly unusual.The occupants of the gray house, as if in another world, were blissfully unaware of the commotion outside.Insulated in the soundproof basement of his large home, Howard Cole stepped back to appraise his work.

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