M24 47 dating

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The Karabiner 1898 Kurz was the last of the long line of Mauser rifles used by the Wehrmacht (Germany Army).The K98k designation translates to: short carbine 1898 model.

The Wehrmacht entered World War II with a total number of 2,769,533 K98k rifles. The practical rate of fire was 15 rounds per minute. BA(00) Argentina lets loose a real strange one here. Epic at over 1 hour and 40 minutes, this may be Argentina's version of a Peter Jackson styled "Bad Taste" type of film. Obscure film from France and in French Language - F.A mixed bag of Elvis, Aliens, Extreme Gore, Star Wars light sabers, Nazi's, a mean Killer Teddy-Bear wielding a razor, or is it a Malevolent Stuffed Hog, or both? It gets a hold of an electric knife, cuts a guy's guts out, then while the dude is still alive, the Teddy dumps salt in the wounds! ) You may want to put your Teddy out on the curb after this one. L.(80) Woman librarian devotes life to caring for wheelchair-bound tyrannical father after being stood up at altar. Or is it just someone with a disturbed past seeking validity to their existence?Excellent condition M24/47 mauser, still "in the grease' (although we cleaned a bit off for the photos) The first Mauser-pattern rifle produced in Yugoslavia was the M24.Its predecessor, the FN Model 1924 had been produced for the Yugoslav army by FN Herstal until the Ministry and FN signed a contract on the purchase of the licence for production of rifles 7.9 mm M 24.

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