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The family in-joke was that the kid (me) had a ‘big tool’. I don’t blame Grandpa for desiring his daughters, for years I have had a yearning for my mother.

I mean, I knew I was fair size, from the locker room at school. you know what I mean, you used to change his diapers as well, Sally. Sylvia: So have you gotten a peek when he comes out of the shower? By proxy, that yen extended to my aunts since they were all but clones of mom.

They sang and danced and told funny stories about growing up triplets. (They all broke-up into shrieks of laughter.) For the record it’s eight and a quarter, when I am my hardest, but I was born with it so I don’t brag, just a fact, like my brown hair and hazel eyes.

They were each as beautiful as the other, even though they were never that famous. Sylvia: A man now and you’re evading the question, which means that you know the answer. My other muscles took work to develop and I am proud of them. Don’t be so shocked, I tried him down in the basement, when mom was gone on that trip out West. So he got two out of three, twice with me and once with Sally. I knew the horniest of us couldn’t resist letting daddy into her pants once! (Now she giggled.) Sylvia: So that makes, let’s see, three into seven…

She wasn’t lonely, since there were garden clubs and sewing circles.But she sometimes could use a man around the house.Dad learned early on to avoid that trap; he was busy enough with the store. Thus I found myself pulling into her driveway with a load in the back of the pickup; sacks of fertilizer, packets of seed, and boxes of seedlings and a new hoe. So when she said she needed to do the rototilling of her garden, I was the handiest man to be enlisted, to be the Mr. I didn’t mind though, Sally was perky and funny and always provided plenty of beer and homemade snacks to feed a hungry helper. Those loose blouses that were never buttoned up all that high, so that you could look at the ‘buttons’ inside, from the side, as she never wore a bra for gardening.Now, between working at the store and most of my buddies either off to school or having jobs, my social life was pretty much in hiatus. What was that about the three couples skinny-dipping at the family cabin at the lake? I couldn’t conceive that they had, though at the moment new scandalous information would not be surprising in light of the incestuous trysts the trio had with their dad.I was getting horny, since I was not getting any lately. Grandpa Savoy had long ago bought a fair size stretch of lake-shore some hundred miles north of the town we live in.

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