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There are plenty of factors that go into determining which set of wheels best fit your car.

This includes the size and type of vehicle you drive, the local climate, and the speed rating under which your vehicle falls.

According to statistics released by the Ministry of Interior’s traffic coordination department, traffic police in Abu Dhabi have reported 7,603 cases of motorists using defective wheels in January and February.

An automobile is only able to maintain traction and control on the road through its car tyres.

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Buy tyres online from us, and find the best tyre price in the UAE market for your car today We also offer unbeatable car tyre deals, and the cheapest tyres, with tyre prices that are aimed at giving our customers the best value for their money.

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As such it is critical to have wheels that meet road standards, particularly in Sharjah, Dubai or anywhere in UAE, where temperatures can reach extreme levels in the summer.

Make sure your car is prepped and ready to take on the challenge of the road ahead, with world-class car tyres from one of the leading online tyre suppliers in Dubai today – Pit Stop Arabia.

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