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Typically, the first step a designer takes when designing a relational database is to create a logical model of the data to be represented before actually creating the physical database.

Modeling at the logical or conceptual level enables designers to leave implementation details to later stages and to concentrate on what data needs to be represented and how it's related to other data.

home-View contains buttons with different options like 'insert a record', 'edit a record', 'update a record' ect. so when the user clicks ' Edit a Record' on ' Home-View', programs takes user to ' View Grid).

Data Bind(); @Tim Schmelter : I have 2 Views ( View Home, View Grid ).

In Figure 13.2 you'll notice, for example, that the relationship between the Publishers and Titles entities indicates that a publisher can be related to zero or more titles (indicated by the circle and the crow's feet), whereas a title is related to one and only one publisher (indicated by the double barred line).

A variety of software packages, such as Erwin and Visio 2000 (from which Figure 13.2 was created), provide the tools necessary to create logical data models and even reverse-engineer the physical database from a variety of sources into a logical diagram.

Although there are several different sets of symbols and notations that can be used ”including Bachman, Chen ERD, Martin ERD, and Express-G ”one of the most common simply uses the IDEF1X symbol set for the entities with the Information Engineering notation's crow's feet notation for the relationships.

Figure 13.2 presents the ERD for the Compute Books database using this notation.

The sign of a normalized database is that it contains well-focused tables with a reasonable number of columns that are related through foreign keys, rather than one or several tables that contain a large number of columns.For example, if one of your most frequent queries must join six tables to retrieve the required information, you should think about denormalizing the schema so that fewer joins are required.In some cases, this might mean keeping your original tables intact but duplicating data in a table that's easier to query.Traditionally, many designers have chosen to use a The cardinality indicates the numerical relationship between entities as in each Title is related to zero or more Reviews or each Order is related to one or more Order Details.These relationships are signified by a specific set of symbols.

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