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They are bloody sore too, probably due to the extra stretch. The chastity device that she spoke of as being a custom made article, with a concealed locking mechanism, hangs weightily from my balls.The head of my old man presumably still fastened to the very end of it internally.Apparently seamless, no ball to close them, they are locked shut and i have no idea how they would be opened.i manage to get through the remainder of the day without any comments about the tie, but then i do tend to eschew too much fraternisation with the gang of workers in the office.Most of them are a generation younger than me anyway and while i try to engage in their conversations, there is only so much one can identify with The first time i played squash for the department was a water-shed, when they saw that i was pretty good i was invited to the post-match social drinks.It will take just a few minutes to get home on the bus but it could be half an hour waiting for it.i break into a run, squash or no, my legs are fuelled and i set off at a reasonable pace, mind whirring, the exercise hopefully clearing my head from its panicked state. If i take a photo of myself locked back up, i can forge a time-stamp on it and then make up a no signal excuse or blame it on Vodafone or something. The thick ring is still round my, now sweaty, balls.They get comments from time to time and polarise opinion somewhat, but hey?They used to have reasonably discrete studs in them but i look down now to see the thickrings they have been replaced with.

A feeling of excitement not experienced since days at school, sneaking out of the house and finding the phone box at the top of the park.Close to school, filthy old thing it was, in the days when they used to hang phone books in them.They were always shredded so had to get the phone number from home first and then try and call from the box, fingers nervously clicking the change in my pocket.It is a thick ring, almost as thick as those in my nipples but of a much smaller diameter, actually fairly discrete, it will fit inside my foreskin when i am flaccid. It is just as cunningly designed as to appear as seamless as the others but is too small to pull my testes through.I leave it in place, pull on the jock and my shorts and i What to do, text now and lie or text when i get home and lie.

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