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(Playhouse on Park, West Hartford, CT - 2/8/15 Nearly 15 years ago "Proof," written by David Auburn, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and a Tony Award for Best Play."Proof" has been produced in community, regional and professional theatres across the globe.A supporting cast of star-crossed lovers is top notch.Highlights include Aaron Fried and Stephanie Gandolfo’s, “Do It Again” and “Blah, Blah Blah.” Reed Campbell and Stephanie Harter Gilmore’s, “Looking for a Boy” is also a stand out, sung as it is from a swinging chandelier.Its themes of logic and reason, right and wrong, and trust and love are universal, but bring these deeply human emotions into the ultra-logical world of math, ambition, academia and insanity and the result is extraordinarily profound.The play is a story told through the eyes of Catherine, the daughter of Robert (Damian Buzzerio), a genius mathematician.

This is a truly terrific production of the modern Shera Cohen (The Majestic, West Springfield, MA - 2/15/15) It’s always a thrill for the theatre goer to participate in a world premier, which is the case with “Iris,” penned by Majestic’s Artistic Director Danny Eaton. The characters are every-day folk, primarily representing a family; one member, ever-present center-stage, lays in a coma.

Credit must be given to Melissa Macleod Herion for her ability to find the gentleness and love in Claire, also a role that is a tightrope act.

It would be, and tragically often is, easy to play Claire deeply unlikeable, but here Claire is rooted in love and good intentions.

To say more is to give away the mysterious of the plot.

The playbill refers to the subject matter as “putting a human face on issues.” Yes, “Iris” certainly fulfills that requirement, and in most cases appropriately, slowly, and gently.

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