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I guess I'll be another honest non-verified member. i hope that u all that do see my nude pick's do enjoy them -- so do let me know back if you did and if you are in philly ask me 4 my phone # ok? And Very Interested In Know Me Both on and Off Line ?

and may-be we can hook up some time off line and have a lot of sex... Just Do Stop On By My Profile and Do Say Hello and Ask To Meet Off Line Some Time ?

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Of course, he doesn't see it that way and thinks we're being over dramatic.

Gave hre my number and she said shed call but her bf wanted to be in on the fun but not let my man be in on the fun so he deleted my number from her phone.

He accused her of cheating on him with me since.(i know this cause she took a class with my cousin and they talked about it)She was flattered by me and my comment as well. That same night a girl sat on one of those tiny lil ferkin stools with me rubbin her butt against me and i was like damn u wanna fuck or something(LOL told ya i was drunk LOL)she was like know u like girls? LOL and that was it.nothing more never seen the girl again.

He gave us a phone number and said to call when we were done and we'd meet somewhere for dinner.

After we were done, we called the number and got a machine with no name.

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