Are amanda holden and simon cowell dating

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It's like your glamourous mum going out with your super-scary headmaster, isn't it? "Simon always tells me he is responsible for making people like me. Of course I hate him saying that, but it's true." YES BUT YOU DON' T NEED TO EVER GO OUT ON A DATE WITH HIM AGAIN, OK?

Dance group Mersey Girls and elderly singing duo The Pensionalities were the two acts to receive the most votes on Thursday night and will compete in Saturday’s live final.

It all started when auditionees Kingsley and Adasnoop of Afro-Swag brought Simon a special gift."We've got a secret gift for Simon. "After Afro-Swag explained that he should use it to bless people, they asked if Simon could knight them with it.

And it was then that he made the barb – joking, "No, no.

There'd be the fancy restaurants and private jets, sure – but there'd also be trying to find space in his wardrobe for your clothes. Amanda Holden almost became part of Simon's ex-girlfriend posse, the ones who follow him around on holiday and are led by a nearly-naked and sun-baked Sinitta.

Imagine having to surreptitiously hide 10 identical white shirts and five pairs of extra-high-waisted trousers in a random plant pot just so you can put your coat away. Because Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell once went out on a DATE and they think we're going to be OK with it.

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