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The Jaslo Kehila Links page was created in October 2000 by Phyllis Kramer, V. of Education and Special Projects, Jewish Gen Inc; the site was updated March 2017. Since August 2002, you are visitor: If you have any questions, comments or additions, please email me (just click on my name).Please note: This site exists because of your Generosity.The map below shows the area of southern Poland today with many of the area towns..one circled has a Kehila Links page!The towns around Jaslo were: Krosno (krosno is 15 miles ESE of Jaslo), this is the master Kehila Links page, with stories and photographs; Dukla (16 miles SE), Korczyna (16 miles E), Jasienica (22 miles E), Rymanow (21 miles ESE, Dukla (16 miles SE), Zmigrod Nowy (10 miles SSE), Frysztak (9 miles NE), Strzyzow (17 miles ENE), and Bukowsko.The following list of current Galician records was taken from the wonderful guidebook "Jewish Roots in Poland: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories" by Miriam Weiner: Jaslo, which was until recently in Krosno Province, is now in Podkarpackie Province: You can find this list of records and other information on Miriam Weiner's Web Site, Routes to Roots, According to the state national archives these records are kept in the Sanok branch of the archives. Sadowa 32, tel: (13) 463-19-99, fax: email: [email protected] records you want are denomination:mojzeszowe located in fond: 1155/0 Jasielski Izraelicki Okreg Metrykalny Of course you will probably need a researcher to get them for you.You might try jewishgen's infofile of researchers... Return to Jaslo's Table of Contents Return to Krosno's Table of Contents You'll find Jaslo above the little red dot of Zmigrod on the map found online by Monika Hendry Nov2014 An interesting map.Return to Table of Contents The more recent records (within 100 years) are held at the Jaslo Civil Records Office (USC) and are subject to privacy laws.Please email herefor additional information on these records. And this is how to contact the Sanok office: click here or even better: Archiwum Panstwowe w Rzeszowie Oddzial w Sanoku, 38-500 Sanok, ul.

This web page is our loving tribute to the memory of our ancestors who braved the trip and left a legacy for future generations.Jaslo was in the red circle in the map to the left; it was the county seat and a thriving community.If you are visiting our page because your family came from Jaslo (latitude 49° 45´ longitude 21° 28´) or one of the surrounding communities remember that often marriages were arranged between families from neighboring towns, so you may well find information on your surnames where you least expect it.Your tax deductible donation to Jewish Gen makes these services possible.If this site helps your search, just click on Jewish Gen-erosity. Would you like to connect with others researching the same community?

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